Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sacrifices that a Mother makes

I am down with fever and flu. My dear husband had to be on standby last night at work.

I couldn't sleep last night, with the back pain and all. Had to consume what I dreaded most. Painkiller. Took me 2 months since February for the disc to retract back. And now, since Mr Flu and Ms Fever decided to pay me a visit again, my back pain is now doubled. Just so you know, I am having slipdisc plus hamstring on my left, and am 7 month pregnant.

So how do you reduce the pain?
1. Go for your medical appointments and therapy as scheduled.
2. Apply what was recommended during  your therapy sessions at home.
3. End your day with the manual retractions. Get your partner's help.
4. Heat pack after the retractions.
5. Get some sleep.

Ok, so back to sacrifice that I have to make today. I called the hospital's call centre to get today's appointment for my 3rd child changed. Sadly they said " This is a special arrangement and there's no slot anytime soon. So do try to come."

My son is having some ear infections for 1 week plus now and he is still complaining of pain. His health matters more than mine, though I love the little princess inside me too. Hence, with the constant cough, runny nose, fever, back pain, the fainting spells, aggressive movements from the lil one, I still made my way here to KKH despite my husband's advice. I have lived for almost 30 years while my son has a longer way to go so definitely his health comes first.

I love you, son. ��

Inconsiderate Neighbour

I am a peace-no-war kind of person. But once it concerns my family, you can be assured that I will be seeing you.

Excuse me, dear neighbour. I understand that you live too far away from the rubbish chute and that you collate all your rubbish in a big black trash bag.

However, please be considerate towards your other neighbours who live near the chute.

There are posters dedicated to you, dear neighbour, posted after the previous owner of my new house and the other neighbours complained. I also understand the previous owners have even approached you. Now, she is gentle. I am not. Hence, I will not be approaching you. I will have to put up a complaint to the relevant agencies.

As it is, this hot season is inviting lots of mosquitoes and flies into the house, especially so because there are lots of trees planted outside, open drains, 2 open trashbin at the groudfloor next to the chute and my kitchen windows are just above.

Your 2 big trash bags, dear neighbour, are not only obstructing the way, it is smelly too. I can even see flies surrounding it. It is too big for the bin, so? You are not handicapped, right? Take the stairs or the lift down if you are too lazy to walk down a couple of stairs since we are at the 2nd level, to throw ur trash then.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Starting Afresh

I have to start writing again. Have to. I have stopped writing for so long. Since Multiply closed down. Hahaha!

So yeah, this blog will be about the kids, about health, about make up, about grocery shopping, about whatever that I want to, most importantly.

Catch my 1st entry tomorrow!